David and Trisha met at the Lakeland revival in 2008, and reunited three years later when Holy Spirit independently led them to Bethel Church in Redding, California where they attended Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry. David and Trisha got married in Redding in 2012 and spent their first year of marriage completing BSSM's Second Year program. David and Trisha are now the Pastors of Catch The Fire Ottawa and both have a passion for living Spirit-led lives and love to see people transformed by His glorious presence. Check out the the following audio message if you would like to hear more about how The Holy Spirit led David and Trisha in encounters, marriage, and to ministry in Ottawa:

David Cwir

While attending graduate school at the University of Waterloo, God radically transformed David's life through a season of life-changing encounters with His Holy Spirit. It was during this time that David first attended Catch The Fire Toronto and encountered God in dramatic ways that would forever change the course of his life. After receiving his PhD in Psychology, David moved to Redding, California where he married his amazing wife Trisha. David was then hired on faculty at Tyndale University College and Seminary. After a couple of years teaching psychology at Tyndale, David and Trisha were hired as the Pastors at CTF Ottawa where they are now serving in our nation's capital.

Trisha Cwir

After getting radically saved in San Francisco, Trisha moved back to her home town of Kansas City where she attended the International House of Prayer. While at IHOP, Trisha completed the Fire in the Night internship, and then served as an Intern with Lou Engle and The Cause. For the next few years, Trisha found herself in a season of residing in the midst of international revival (Lakeland) and various global movements (Morningstar). In 2010 the Lord led Trisha to attend BSSM in Redding California, where she would eventually marry her husband David. Trisha now lives in Ottawa, Canada where she is Pastoring at Catch The Fire Ottawa.